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Blank Media Distribution

TKO Media works with leading manufacturers to provide its customers the highest quality media storage products. Working between manufacturers and its customers, TKO Media acts as a responsible liason, paying close attention to market trends and tastes, updating its products regularly to fit customers' changing needs. We currently offer state-of-the-art DVDs with the largest recording capacities in the industry. Additionally, we carry both Silver/Silver and Silver/Diamond compact discs, DVD-R and DVD+R, mini CD and mini DVD, and many other media products.

White Thermal and Inkjet Printable Surfaces

TKO's blank CD's and DVD's come in several different printing types. We carry discs with surfaces to suit your printing needs. These range from white thermal printable surfaces to inkjet printable surfaces, from up-to-hub printable disks to in-hub printable discs. Whatever your printing needs may be, TKO Media is ready to provide you with discs that will suit your tastes.

Media Packaging and Duplication Solutions

TKO Media is proud to offer packaging solutions for those precious memories and home movies our customers store on their blank media. We offer jewel cases, in both standard and slim sizes, DVD cases, in both standard and slim sizes, CD sleeves, and standard and slim CD/DVD plastic bags. Additionally, we carry duplication devices and CD/DVD labels to suit your CD/DVD creation needs.

Future Innovative Memory Chip and Memory Stick Solutions

TKO Media will soon provide even more powerful and advanced media solutions to suit changing consumer needs and market trends. We are geared towards providing our customers only the best and newest products and will add new products to our already-extensive list of products. Read about our new products here.


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