TKO Media serves as a well-established master distributor for many internationally recognized CD and DVD Recordable Media manufacturers. TKO has, in the last several decades, become a leading name in the media storage industry, bringing our clients only the highest quality products at reasonable prices.  

Working directly with credible CD-R and DVD-R manufacturers and with management background in the media storage market for over 25 years, TKO Media emphasizes quality products and top-notch service as the main focuses of our business.

At TKO Media, we care intensely about the quality of our products, ensuring customers only the best media storage products. Our OEM products comply with or exceed all Orange Book Standards, the internationally-accepted benchmark for all CD and DVD recordable discs. Besides all kinds of CD-R/RW Recordable Media, TKO Media also distributes other storage media such as DVD+R and DVD-R. We also carry CD and DVD related products such as CD Jewel Cases, DVD Cases, CD/DVD labels, counters, duplication machines, and packaging materials.

We at TKO are not merely interested in selling our products; we care about our clients. Negotiating fluidly on both ends of the manufacturer-retailer spectrum, TKO Media provides its customers with respectful and courteous service in English, Chinese, and Spanish. This commitment to foster communication on the global platform is TKO Media's way of traversing the global media market.

We are located in South El Monte, the heart of the Southern California industrial business center. With our own warehouse at the same location, we promise immediate availability on most of our products.

We make it our mission at TKO Media to lead the global media market beyond the perceived standard of excellence and into the new millenium where standards yield to limitless imagination and dreams are made reality.